Welcome to The Northumberland Driving School Driving Tips Blog

My name is Mike and I own Northumberland Driving School.
Over my many years as a driving instructor, I have witnessed tons of things that drivers do wrong.
I have also seen a lot of students struggle with mis-conceptions as to rules of the road, or how vehicles work.

All of these posts will be instructional in nature, but some of them do contain an element of humor.

In my classroom training as well as in driving instruction, I endeavor to have all students participate. I have always found that the more parts of a body you involve in the learning process, the better you remember them. This is why athletes run plays over and over, so that when you get into a game, reactions are automatic.

In the class, this is done by having simple games to help people categorize functional components of cars, road signs, and elements of driving safety.

During Driving Instruction, all students are put through various driving scenarios multiple times to ensure that they are more confident and improve their skills. I even have some simple tips for parallel parking that make it a no-brainer to get it right the first time and every time.