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We have conveniently located driving training centers at 928 Burnham Street, Cobourg ON, Canada
K9A 2X9,and at 1074 Lansdowne St W
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Where Great Instruction Makes Great Drivers – Driver Training and Driving School – Cobourg, Peterborough and Port Hope Ontario

Where Great Driver Training Instruction Makes Great Drivers

Where Great Driving Instruction Makes Great Drivers

Our classroom driver education instruction is 4 days of two sessions per day that combines lecture, audio visual and student participation in a way that maximizes student information retention. This is coupled with in-vehicle driver training that gives the student practical experience putting the information learned in class to use in real world driving situations. All Class and In-Car Training is focused on safety first.

Your Best Start For A Lifetime Of Driving – Northumberland Driving School

Your Best Start On A Lifetime Of Driving

You cannot find a better driving curriculum to kickoff your lifetime of driving experience. This Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) approved class G1, G2, G driving course is totally focused on the best possible simplified driving techniques learned from a lifetime of safe driving experiences.

Learn To Drive Quickly and Safely – Driver Training in Peterborough, Port Hope and Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

We are located at 930 Burnham St., Cobourg, Ontario, K9A 2X9, CA

Learn To Drive Quickly

Learn To Drive Quickly

Our “Quick Start” training approach means that you will get the necessary driving knowledge in a fast paced, yet non-stressful environment. The classroom driving instruction segment is divided into 4 days of training over two consecutive weekends. This focuses on rules of the road, car positioning in various driving scenarios, and everyday defensive driving techniques that keep you safely for a lifetime. Included in your registration fees are 10 hours of individualized behind-the-wheel driver training with an expert instructor dedicated to improving your specific driving issues.

Superior Pass Rates – For Driver Education in Cobourg and Port Hope, Ontario

Superior Pass Rates

Superior Pass Rates

Our students have consistently managed to pass their G1 and G2 exit road tests on the first attempt. Currently our cumulative score is 98%. That means that only 2% of our students do not succeed on their first attempt, but almost all of our students succeed by the second attempt. This is unprecedented in the driver training industry. Some of our classes have had a 100% success rate.

Learn the Best Driving Techniques – For Driving in Cobourg and Port Hope, Ontario

Pre-Driving Test Run Through

A driving instructor puts a student through their paces prior to their road test.

Our focus is safety, first and foremost. But on top of that, we have a large grab-bag of easy to follow driving rules to help you be one of the best drivers on the road right from the outset. From the safest way to position your car in multi-lane left hand turn situations, to the nemesis of all student drivers, Parallel Parking, we can show you ways that allow you to execute any difficult driving situation correctly, 100 percent of the time.

Our Driver Training Program:

We are based in Cobourg , and soon Peterborough Ontario Driving School and provide a Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) approved Beginner Driver Education Program, that exceeds MTO requirements.

Our program provides 20 hours of extensive in-class driver education, 10 hours of driver training workbook question and answer sessions, and a minimum of 10 hours in-car driving instruction.

We have a low stress, no nonsense approach to educating new drivers. It is both informative, and interesting. Class participation in our driver training process is a key reason for our students’ overall success.

Drivers have the option of attending our entire 40-hour program, or taking private lessons.

We provide support throughout the MTO’s graduated licensing process, including road tests.

Qualifying students also have the option of using our vehicles for their road tests. (Contact us to book a car for your road test.)

We are proud to have maintained a minimum 98% first time attempt passing rate on road tests by our students.

Our +25 years of teaching experience in Health and Safety and Driver Training fields, enables us to teach more than just road test preparedness and the rules of the road. Safety aspects are highlighted throughout the entire program, ensuring students have a high level of competence in hazardous, as well as ordinary day to day driving situations.

Locally Owned and Operated

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In-Class Training

In-Class Training

The classroom instruction in our Cobourg training location uses a combination of audio/visual as well as interactive question and answer techniques. There are several class exercises to allow students the opportunity to learn information in a more tactile way. We do more than just focus on driving know-how and road safety. Our courses also delve into overviews of how vehicles work and minor maintenance issues that any driver should be able to do.

Private In-Car Lessons

Private In-Car Lessons

All students are given behind the wheel road experience driving in the Cobourg and surrounding areas. This is done exclusively with one-on-one sessions where only the driving instructor and the student driver are in the vehicle. This standard practice allows the instructor to totally focus on the needs of one student driver at a time and to adapt accordingly. This results in students being able to concentrate on perfecting only those driving skills that they have not mastered yet, thus saving time, and improving training quality.

Pre-Test Driving Instruction

Pre-Test Driving Instruction

All of our students, as part of their driver training, will undergo two to three informal road tests with their instructor prior to taking their MTO road test. This is one of the factors that help the greater majority of our students pass their class G driving road test on the first try.