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Getting Your Full Class G Licence - Video

Part 4 – Getting your Full Class G License

After 12 months of driving with your G2 Licence you can book a full Class G driving exam with a drive test center.
The Testers are looking for a much higher degree of confidence in a driver, and will expect you to sign a declaration of the number of hours you have driven on high speed highways. Essentially they are checking your performance in regular traffic, but will focus on highway driving. They want to see that you are changing lanes properly, that you merge into traffic effectively, and that you are a much more seasoned driver.

(See your Drivers Handbook for what will be tested for more details.)

For an extra ‘Per Hour’ fee, Northumberland Driving School is available to do practice runs with you to ensure that you have developed the skills to pass your full class G Licence Road Test.

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