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Driving With Your G1 Licence - Video

Part 2 – Driving With Your G1 License

In this video you will learn the restrictions imposed on you when driving with your G1 Licence.

In summary they are:

  1. Zero Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  2. Everyone in the Car Must Be Wearing Seat Belts
  3. No Driving Between Midnight and 5:00am
  4. No Driving on High Speed (over 80 kph) highways
  5. Accompanied by a Full Class G Driver who has:
    • At least 4 full years of experience
    • Unimpaired (<.05 BAC, or 0 BAC if they are less than 21)

This video highly recommends that you train at an MTO approved driving school such as Northumberland Driving School.

Getting your driver training at a Ministry approved school will cut up to 4 months off of the time it takes you to get your full G2 licence. On top of that, it will also get you significant discounts on your car insurance. These discounts may be significant enough to more than cover the cost of driver training in the first place.

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