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Often Asked Questions


What Is Defensive Driving?

Simply stated, defensive driving is the practice of driving so as to avoid getting into accidents.

Defensive Driving is generally accomplished in a few key ways:

  1. Leaving more distance between your vehicle and others than the minimum recommended.
  2. Pace yourself with traffic. Going faster, or slower than the pace of traffic around you makes you much more vulnerable to getting into an accident.
  3. Positioning your vehicle optimally in all common driving situations.
  4. Anticipating what common mistakes other drivers around you are most likely to make, try to position your vehicle to reduce its vulnerability, and having a plan in your mind as to what you will do if they do indeed make that mistake.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Class G Licence?

The minimum time is 18 months from the time that you first get your beginners permit until the time you get a full unrestricted class G licence. This minimum time-frame can only be achieved if you take a driving course at a Ministry Approved Driving school like ours. Tags: Graduated Licence Time, Minimum Time to Get a Licence, Fastest Time To Get a Licence

How is this driver education course different from other courses offered by the competition?

At its core, our training course has to be the same as other schools because all schools must pass the MTO minimum curriculum standards. Our course is different from other schools because we teach you about how your car works, simple maintenance, and a more comprehensive focus on safety. We also have several techniques that we use to make it easier for students to learn to drive easier. This is the reason why our students have a first time attempt pass rate of 96% where our competition varies between 60% and 80%.

Does your driver education system conform to MTO standards?

Yes. Our driver education training course has been fully approved by the MTO. In fact, we exceed their standards in several ways.

What do you teach in your driver license class?

We cover the rules of the road. We give you instruction on how to maintain your car. We teach you how to keep your car safe and how to drive safely. We teach your how to position yourself correctly in all traffic situations to lessen the chance of you getting into an accident. We teach you all the little things, like simple ways to parallel park, the best way to set up your mirrors, handling 4 way stops, etc.

Does the driver licensing training provided by your school let me drive a school bus or transport?

No. To drive a school bus or transport truck you need a different level of drivers licence. Please refer to the MTO site for more info.

If I take your driver training course, will it reduce the time it takes to get my full class G drivers licence?

Yes. Taking an MTO approved driver training course will reduce the minimum time to get your full class G licence by 4 months.

What makes your driver's course different from any other driving school course?

Our success rate for one! Our students enjoy the highest average pass rate for their driving tests of any school. That means that our program is more effective than those offered by other schools. It is the synergistic combination of the classroom training plus the simple driving techniques enforced via the in-car driver training that makes our successful system unique.

Where can I get the drivers ed book so I can learn to drive?

This book is available at most MTO testing centers. Here are the closest centers.
Ontario DriveTest Centre (Serco) – Belleville
345 College St. East, Unit 12 Belleville ON, K8N 4Z6 ***This centre is located in the College Centre plaza, next to the KGH Belleville Dialysis Clinic.
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ontario DriveTest Centre (Serco) – Peterborough
749 Erskine Ave. Peterborough ON, K9J 7Y6 ***This centre is located in the same plaza as Microage and Fastenal.
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My dad can teach me what I need to know to get a drivers licence, so why should I go to you?

  1. Your dad is unlikely to touch on all the points that we discuss as part of a structured training program, either in technique or in safety.
  2. Your dad training you will mean that you must take at least 4 months longer to get your full licence.
  3. Your dad training you will not get you any discounts in your automobile insurance.

When do you have drivers training classes?

All of our classes are on the weekend. We have found that this is the best time for the majority of people who want to take driver training. Evening courses have tired students and their performance suffers. To find our next courses please visit this link.

When I get my g1 driver license, what am I allowed to do on my own?

Nothing! You must have a qualified driver in the front seat of your car at all times. You can, of course, study material in your books, and watch other drivers on the road to see if you can pick out any mistakes that they make.

School driver courses are offered by many different companies. Why should I select you?

Quite frankly it is because you have a greater chance of being successful with us than with other companies. Having a friend or relative train you often results in a failure the first time you do your road test.

What can I do as a student driver to practice more?

The more driving you do, the better.
If you can get a qualified driver to help you practice then do so.

Just remember, if the qualified driver tells you to do something differently than the instructor, the instructor is always right. Although the person with you may not necessarily be wrong, the instructor will teach you techniques that are safest. They also train you in a way that makes sure you will be able to pass a road test the first time.

Is your school oriented solely to teen drivers or do you train older drivers as well?

We teach drivers of all ages.

Occasionally Asked Questions


Is your driver training organized as a beginner driver education course?

Yes. It assumes that you know nothing about cars and driving. This makes sure that all of our students get all the information that they require to be good drivers.

What is a class G1 driver and what does that mean?

A class G1 driver is sometimes referred to as a student driver. The class G1 permit used to be called the beginners permit before graduated licensing was introduced. It does not allow you to operate a vehicle alone. You must be accompanied by a full class G driver with at least 4 years of driving experience at all times. You cannot drive on any road with a posted speed limit in excess of 90 kilometers per hour. (note that there are other restrictions including a zero level of alcohol – see here)

What is a class G drivers license and what kinds of vehicles does it allow me to drive.

A class G drivers licence is designed for personal use and some light commercial use. The following vehicles can be operated with a class G license: Any car, van or small truck or combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11,000 kg provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kg, but not, a motorcycle or motor assisted bicycle; a bus carrying passengers; or an ambulance in the course of providing ambulance service as defined in the Ambulance Act. Exception: A Recreational Vehicle towed by a pick up truck may exceed 4,600 kg.

What driver instructor qualifications do you have?

The founder of Northumberland Driving School took his Certified Driving Instructor Training at Humber College in Toronto. He passed with a grade in the high 90's. He also has many years of experience teaching people how to drive. Any instructor who works for us has similar accreditation and experience.

I want a driver licence, what do I need to do?

To get a driver licence, you need to:
  • Get a drivers handbook from an MTO bureau office
  • Schedule and write the G1 written test.
  • Learn to Drive with a fully licensed class G driver with you at all times.
  • After several months, schedule and take your class G1 exit test to get your G2 licence.
  • Drive for at least one year as a G2 Driver
  • Schedule and take your G2 Exit test to become a full class G driver
  • You must have a full class G permit for at least 4 years before instructing a student driver.
Note: Taking an approved driver training course such as that offered by Northumberland Driving School will shorten the minimum period required to get your full class G licence by up to 4 months. It will also give you insurance discounts at most insurance companies, the savings from which will more than cover the cost of the course.

Where is your driver training conducted?

All of our classroom training takes place at the Cobourg Best Western Hotel at 930 Burnham Street in Cobourg Ontario.

If I take your driver training course will it affect my insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts to drivers who have passed an MTO approved driver education program like ours.

Do your former students give you good driver training reviews?

Yes, you can see student reviews on our site on several pages.

What do you do in your driver's education course to make it fun?

There is always room to make classroom-training fun. The small games we use to help students remember new material is an example. On top of this, we will often engage in getting students and the instructor to relate amusing anecdotes about driving. These are often used as a springboard to teach a segment of the material.

Once I get a new drivers license, are there any restrictions on my driving?

For your G1 permit, you need to have a qualified driver in your car at all times. For your G2 permit, you can drive on most roads by yourself but there are some restrictions. For your full Class G, there are not many restrictions, but you must drive for at least 4 years before you can qualify to be with a G1 driver. See more here about driving restrictions for new drivers here.

Why We Do Driving Road Test Simulations so Frequently?

We undertake simulated driving road tests on a regular basis. We find this helps the student drivers in two main ways:
  • It makes the concept of driver testing less of a fear factor because it is done regularly which helps reduce stress.
  • At the same time, it provides continuous feedback to the student as to how well they are doing with their driving.
That way the both the student and the instructor can focus in on what the student does not know, rather than waste time practicing skills that have already been mastered. This is all just a part of why our driving school training program is so effective.

Rarely Asked Questions


How do I get my drivers permit?

Pick up a copy of the drivers handbook from an MTO car-testing center. Study the book. Go to an MTO car testing center with proof of age, take the eye exam, and write the written test.

What is "Northumberland Driving School"?

Northumberland Driving School is a business that provides training to LBE level drivers. It also owns and operates the website.

Is your driver's school located in any other cities?

No. Not at this time. We are currently located just in Cobourg Ontario. But we service the cities of Port Hope, Colbourne, Brighton, Peterborough, Bowmanville, and other communities in the area.

Does your school support beginner driver education?

Yes. Northumberland Driving School is solely focused on class G driver education from the beginner level right up to a full class G permit.

What drivers training course material do you hand out in class?

On day one, there are a series of forms that you have to sign. These are for us as well as for the MTO, and are required. We will have material available as part of your training that will have diagrams and pictures of typical driving scenarios and what to do.

What is the best driver education program available to me?

The program that Northumberland Driving School offers is based on the MTO recommended curriculum. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has approved the course content. We have developed a way of presenting this information in class to make it more interactive so as to help students retain the knowledge more readily. That contributes to our 96% first try pass rate for the MTO road test.

Are you associated with any drivers ed (driversed) programs?

We will be bidding on being the default driver training school with the board of education this year.

What is a class G2 driver licence and what can I do with it?

A class G2 driver licence allows you to operate a vehicle on your own, on any road, but there are still restrictions as to alcohol and number of passengers. If you are under 19 there are some other restrictions.

What kind of driver ed programs do you offer?

We offer all encompassing driver training courses focused on obtaining a Class G permit. We also offer additional one-on-one training on a per diem basis to any student who would like extra tutelage. (this is usually done by students who would like refresher training prior to taking their G2 exit road test).

How do you approach driver education and training?

Our format is the same for every course: 20 hours of classroom time, split into 4 classes. Saturday and Sunday on one weekend and Saturday and Sunday on the following weekend. The classroom training uses a combination of lecture, overhead projection, videos, class exercises and simple games. 10 hours of student homework activity 10 hours of one-on-one in car training.

What driver instructor training did your instructors take?

Our owner took his driver training from Humber College in Toronto. Each instructor has MTO certified Driving Instructor Training.

How do I get a driver licence?

To get a driver licence, you need to:
  1. Get a drivers handbook from an MTO bureau office
  2. Schedule and write the G1 written test.
  3. Learn to Drive with a fully licensed class G driver with you at all times.
  4. After several months, schedule and take your class G1 exit test to get your G2 licence.
  5. Drive for at least one year as a G2 Driver
  6. Schedule and take your G2 Exit test to become a full class G driver

What is a driver licence G1?

Often referred to as a beginners permit, this allows you to operate a class G motor vehicle as long as you have a fully qualified driver in the front seat of the car with you at all times. See the MTO Site for other Restrictions.

Are you affiliated with any other driver school?

No. Northumberland Driving School is a locally owned, owner-operated business.

Is your school backed by drivers ed programs at local schools?

Besides our former student referrals, we get many references from high schools in the area and will be actively bidding on being the default driver training school this fiscal year.

Where are your drivers ed courses taught?

All of our classroom instruction is taught at the Best Western Hotel at 930 Burnham Street in Cobourg. It is centrally located for the convenience of most students.

Part of the problem with most driver's education classes are that they are too lecturing oriented. How is yours different?

We do some lecturing with our classroom training, but we also use visuals as well. In conjunction with this, we will involve the class in interactive game style training. When learning new material, the more parts of a body that you involve in the learning process, the better the knowledge sinks in. We believe in that concept and have structured our driver training program accordingly.

Why should I pay you a lot of money to get my drivers licence?

There are two reasons:
  1. You are much more likely to become a better driver by taking our program than by trying to get others to show you the ropes.
  2. Although there is a significant up-front cost to the training, the fact that you passed the course will allow you to save money on your car insurance. If you shop around you may find that you save enough money in two or three years to pay for the course. Savings in subsequent years will actually mean that taking the course made you money.

What am I allowed to do with my driver's license g1

Your G1 license is essentially a beginner's permit. To that end, you must have a qualified driver in the front seat of the car with you at all times, you must have a zero blood alcohol level, you cannot drive between midnight and 5 AM, there are limits on passengers, and you cannot drive on roads where the posted speed limit is more than 80 KPH.