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FAQ - Ontario Drivers License Testing Process

What Is The Testing Process For Obtaining A Drivers License In Ontario?

There are several levels of testing required to get a Driver License in Ontario.

• The first step is an eye test, and a written exam on the rules of the road and road signs. If you pass both, you obtain your G1 permit. This permit is only valid if you are with a full Class G licensed driver, with a minimum of 4 years driving experience, and they are in the front seat beside you when you drive. A fee is required for the G1 permit, and you apply at an Ontario Drive Test Center.
• The next step is your road test to get your G2 license. The G2 license allows you to drive, but there are restrictions as to the number and age of people that can be in the vehicle with you, and what times of day you are driving. If you finish an government-approved driver education course, you can take your first road test after just eight months, otherwise you will have to wait 12 months before you can take your G1 exit test, to obtain your G2. Once you have passed your G1 exit test, you will get a G2 License. This is still a restricted license, but the restrictions are less than that imposed on you with a G1 licence.

• The next step is that required to get your G licence.You have to drive for at least 12 months with a G2 licence before you can attempt the G2 exit test to obtain your full G licence.

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