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FAQ - How Does the Driver Training Course Work?

How Does The Driver Education Course Work?

Our excellent, easy driving school courses are focused on basic inexpensive driver training for teens, and first time drivers.

Starting from their first lesson and throughout all their subsequent lessons and automobile practice training, students will learn defensive, safe driving techniques from our experienced instructors. The courses utilize the MTO driving manual, reviews road signs, rule of the road, parallel parking, blind spot issues, and proper positioning of your car when navigating through intersections, and for the parking skills.

Our in-class lessons encourage students to ask questions since this is a best practice instruction technique for high school aged teens and younger adults. This technique helps them acquire and retain information quickly so that they can pass the drivers road exams and get their g1, g2, and/or G level license certificate as quickly as possible.

Our Driving School’s Driver Training “Beginner Driver program” is a Ministry of Transportation of ON (MTO) approved and inspected program. It conforms to and exceeds the highest standards anywhere, at any price.  “A One” EZ driving course resulting in a cheap, inexpensive solution to passing your driving tests and becoming a first class driver.

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