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FAQ - How Do I Go About Getting a Driver's License?

How Do I Get A Drivers License?

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for most high-school aged teens in Canada. Driving is a privelige, not a right.Tthere are also many older people who have, for one reason or another, not had a reason to get a drivers license yet. A typical situation we often run into are people who have moved from an urban environment to a more rural setting, and find that there is no public transportation that they were dependent upon in the big city. Both of these audiences are motivated to learn to drive. Driving is important for most people because it gives them the independence to move about their daily lives efficiently, and also gives them the ability to seek out non-local job opportunities. Before you get behind the wheel of a car in Ontario, you must get a learners permit. This is accomplished by picking up a rules of the road document from any MTO office, or online, and studying the material within. You will have a vision test and a written test. This test is about the core rules of the road. It teaches you what things like what un-posted speed limits are in urban and rural areas, the shape of various types of traffic signs and what they mean, the meaning of dashed versus solid lines on a road, etc. You will be tested on this knowledge in a written multiple choice format test, and once you have achieved a high enough mark, you will be issued a learners permit that will allow you to learn to drive. Learning how to drive is a lot more than just book knowledge. In our course, we will teach you the basics of how a car works and simple routine operational maintenance that you must do. We will also give you classroom instruction showing you typical driving situations and how you should position and handle your vehicle in each situation. Following that, you are given a chance to practice what you have learned in the classroom by driving on city streets so that you get the feel of a vehicle under your control. Enough hours are spent doing this so that you can drive comfortably and park your car as needed. Towards the end of your in vehicle training, your will be put through a few practice learners tests so that you will be well prepared to take your MTO road test and PASS, the very first time you try.

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