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FAQ - Exceptional Quality

We often get requests to fine-tune these students training prior to their road tests.

Unlike some driving schools that just meet MTO minimum standards, our program exceeds all MTO standards.

The program prepares students for their road tests, and teaches the safe driving skills needed in everyday driving. We will also go over maneuvers not required for the road tests, but make students much safer drivers, in emergency situations.
Getting students to relax throughout the process builds their driving self-confidence, and is a vital part of the training.

The in class training is entertaining, yet highly informative. This ensures students are prepared before starting on their in car lessons. We continue working with our students throughout the process of the graduating licensing system, and beyond.

Support is provided to students for their road tests, regardless of which vehicle they use.

For all of these reasons, we have a very high pass rate on class G road tests.

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