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FAQ - Can I Get A Discount On My Insurance?

BDE (Basic Driver Education) course graduates “with a Drivers Licence History” may be eligible for an automotive insurance discount.

Please call your insurance provider for more information about the driving history time required to qualify for any discounts available. We recommend that you shop around to get the best rate.

In the first year or two, this discount will be enough to more than pay for your MTO approved driver training course.

Here is an example that proves this point:

This quote is for a 17 year old male living in the Cobourg / Northumberland Ontario area with a new G2 Licence, driving a Honda Accura Integra automobile, and assuming no accidents for their first three years of driving.

Year Without Driver Training With Driver Training Savings
1 $3700.00 $2900.00 $800.00
2 $3600.00 $2900.00 $700.00
3 $3500.00 $2900.00 $600.00

Females receive similar percentage discounts, but the absolute dollar values for insurance would be about $200.00 lower in each year.

This hypothetical quote was provided by:

James W. Gordon Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Please Note:
Mature first time drivers over 25 will not see these levels of discounts.

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