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Are you Looking For A Class G Drivers Training School?

Are You Looking For A Drivers Education Program?

We have the best driver education system in the Northumberland, Cramahe, Clarington, Haliburton, and Kawartha Lakes Ontario counties. This is a beginner driver education course that is focused on obtaining your G1, G2 and G level licence. The G licence allows you to drive your own vehicle, as well as pull small trailers such as small boat trailers and small camper trailers.

Our driving instructors will put you through an extensive driver-training course that will give you all the education and hands-on driving that you will need to pass your G1 and G2 driver licence road tests. School systems in the area outsource their drivers school curriculum to external driving academies as part of their student driver licence programs to help teen drivers certify as fully qualified operators of class G motor vehicles. We get many of our referrals from local high schools.

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