How Do I Set My Rear View Mirrors Correctly?

Most drivers do not set their rear view mirrors correctly.

Most drivers set the center rear view mirror, and the two external rear view mirrors to show almost the exact same view.

Having multiple mirrors showing you the same view is a waste of this important safety feature on your vehicle.

The proper way to set your mirrors is to adjust the center mirror to see the road behind you. The center of the rear window should be centered in the mirror.
The driver side rear view mirror should be set to view as much of the left side blind spot as possible. To do this, set the mirror so that it views the road behind the car, and just picks up the left side of the car on the edge of the mirror.


Now adjust the mirror so that the left side of the car is not visible anymore. At the same time, point the mirror down slightly(1/2 sky, 1/2 ground) so that it is not looking into the distance behind your car, but is picking up cars that are in the next lane and just slightly behind you.


To test the setting, when you are driving on a multi-lane road, if a car is passing you in the left lane, then at the point the car is entering the blind spot of the center mirror, you should just see the car pick up at the bottom of your external left hand mirror. As the car passes you, just at the point where the car disappears from your left rear view mirror, you should be able to see it out of the corner of your eye without having to turn your head.

After you have been in the vehicle a few minutes, you may settle lower into your seat as you relax. If this happens, pull over to the side of the road when it is safe and legal to do so, and readjust your mirrors.


Adjust the right external rear view mirror the same way but for that mirror you are looking at traffic passing you in the right hand lane.


Note that for very tall or very short drivers, the external mirrors may not be able to adjust to this optimal setting. Just do the best you can. We’ll show you more tips during our training sessions.